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I am building a catapult that needs 3 servos to reload. I have an arduino uno and a arduino motor shield. I need each motor to run independently and be able to return to their original state. Does anyone have an ideas as to how the servos can be connected to switches and how the programming side of that would be? I would really appreciate any help, I'm way over my head in this project. Also very new to the Arduino products.
Hope to hear from you guys soon!


There seems to be some confusion. You generally don't use a motor shield with hobby servos.

Perhaps you should start at the beginning.
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Do you really mean servos, or Stepper motors?  Servos generally only go about 180 degrees.  The idea is they go from 1 defined angle to another at an arbitrary speed.  Steppers on the other hand can be controlled one step at a time.  You define the speed and angle you want to move to with my library.  There is no limit to the number of revolutions you can move.  If you mean servos it is trivial to move 3 at once.  That is the first decision you must tell us about.  For a catapult, you may consider a sailing winch servo.  This is like a servo but it goes more than 180 degrees to control a string.

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