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We're writing here to see if someone can help us. We're about to start a project that includes video and music, and we want to control the video using a sensor. The project is a video installation with a big screen that goes forward or backward depending on the position of the one (unique) person in front of it. That is, if the person is right at the center of the installation (just in front of the sensor), the video is at frame 0, if the person goes left (always in a horizontal line, parallell at the screen), the video goes backwards as many frames as the distance between the center and the position of the person. The same if the person goes right, that the video will go forward. When the person is standing still the video is staying in the one frame, until the person moves again.

DO you think it is complicated to implement?

What would be your recommandations for hardware?

Thank you all for your help!

MMMaderial project


How big is "big"?
How fast and accurately does the "sensor" have to react?
Any environmental restrictions?
Per Arduino ad Astra


DO you think it is complicated to implement?

I guess it depends what constraints you are working within. If you can rely on there being just a single person in the detection area, and you have control over what is behind/under them, you could use straight forward video motion detection algorithms to detect them. In this case all you need is a PC, web cam and some sort of display/projection device for the video replay; the rest is just a matter of writing a PC application to do the motion detection and control the video output, neither of which would be especially hard to do and neither of which would involve Arduino.

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