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As I reported before if this is changed the auto include examples from libraries fails and not working ok.

I just compiled the lasted version on GIT HUB and the problem still exists.

I'm runnig Windows XP Pro by the away.



I didn't forget you, but I need to prioritize more urgent issues. I (or someone else) will be back to you soon.
(please don't pollute other threads)



Ok sorry It wasn't my intension, only since nobody replyed or mension this somewhere else and also on this last IDE version the problem still exists I didn't know if was take in consideration or could be only a problem here on my setup, but like this I know that will be solved sometime.



Hello Baltasar,

I've opened an issue on github to track this problem https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/issues/1151

Just to be sure: the code you got from github comes from the branch ide-1.5.x or from the master?

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