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that competition sounds cool I recon my boat would have to be in the running if you could hook the batteries up to a solar panel

Here's the robot boat link http://www.microtransat.org/

This guy may or may not be nuts but he seems to have the GPS thing sorted. http://www.microtransat.org/2012_joker_boat.php

As for the XBee thing I have it (in my head, which could well be wrong) that the 10k claims are only under the very best conditions.



Is it some thing like this?


yup but these only have magnetic compass and once you start it you cant stop it
I want to be able to control  rudder and start stop


I've been working with this guy to 'upgrade' his remote controlled fishing boat with some autonomy.

So far I've settled on traditional RC, which currently has a range of a few kilometers and can be boosted.
The Autonomy is through Ardupilot  http://www.diydrones.com/notes/ArduPilot which allows for 'return to base' out of the box.

Its early stages as I'm currently going through tutorials online on how to decode frsky PWM (Pulse Width Modulated radio signals) so that I can remotely sense if the line has been pulled and remotely wind/unwind the winch.

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