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One easy question:

How can I calculate the space require to store a bitmap in a dot graphic display?

For example, if I have a display of 128x64 dots

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Igor R.


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total bytes equals width times height times bits per pixel divided by 8

128 x 64 with 8 bits (1 byte) per pixel is 8k bytes


Thank you mem!!!

Anyone knows which is the LCD and touch used in LCDash project? (Megasquirt)

It´s a T6963. I´m asking about where I can buy it.





Why 8 bits per pixel if this is a monochrome display?


In the first post the OP said he would ideally like a color display if possible


Linked from the site you referenced:


Looks kind of pricey to me. It looks like a transmissive type where I would think for outdoor readability you'd want a transflective.


EmilyJane,I want only the display, not the entire solution... I suppose the display is $60 or something similar...

In a monochrome display, the calculation is different?

Thank you for your feedbacks!!

Igor R.


In a monochrome display, the calculation is different?

Depends - monochrome could be one bit per pixel, so 128x64 would requires 8192 bits = 1024bytes.

OTOH, you could have maybe a monchrome greyscale of, say four bits per pixel, so in that case, you'd need four times as much memory, or 4kbytes.
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With the KS0108 or T6963 controllers, do you know the bits per pixel?

It´s only to think about the amount of space required...



Igor R.


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ks0108 and similer are 1 bit per pixel, so 128x64 memory is 1k bytes


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Oops, sorry, I thought that sounded a little high. :-[

I think something like this:

is what you are looking for. It's around $34 and it is a transflective display, which is the most sunlight readable of the LCD displays, in my experience. It also has an LED edgelight, which will allow reading in darker conditions.


Thank you!!

I suppose they´re using this http://www.crystalfontz.com/product/CFAG240128L-TMI-TZTS.
Because of it´s 240x128 and touchscreen ($87).

In the web say that the best for sunlight are Reflective or Transflective. (Yellow/Green LED Backlight or White Edge LED Backlight ).

The blue one is Transmissive...

Uff... a lot of differents technologies... I´m quite confused...je,je,je


You need to make up your mind about how many pixels you want and then buy a transflective display. I don't see the problem. ::) :D



I would like KS0107/KS0108 or Toshiba T6963 because it´s easy to implement and there are many info and libraries in internet.
Something like this: http://www.crystalfontz.com/product/CFAG240128L-YYH-TZ

Size: 240x128 or 160x128

But in stead of Yellow/Green led backlight, I would like blue or red backlight. Both would be fantastic!!
Letters-Graph in black and background in blue is a perfect combination!!


Is it possible change the leds?


If you can make do with 128 x 64, they have one with an RGB backlight:


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