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Hey .. i am new to arduino and i am using a arduino UNO board for interfacing an infrared transceiver. Vishay TFBS4711

I need to know how do i connect the pins to my UNO  for proximity detection ...i.e to analog input of arduino because this one has 6 pins.
txd .... ?
Rxd.... ?
SD...... ?
Ired anode ...?

Please help . Thanks in advance ..


That is not a proximity detector.  That is the transmitter and receiver for IRDA... basically for serial communication over infrared.  The receiver will detect the presence of an incoming pulse of IR but will not give an analog signal that will indicate the strength of the pulse.

For accurate distance measurement you probably want a distance measuring device like the Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F.

For rough proximity detection you can use an IR LED and IR photodiode to measure the amount of IR bouncing off nearby objects.
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Thank you Johnwasser . You have cleared my confusion.  :).  well i have one more question . is there any simple way to test whether TFBS 4711 is working or not ?

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