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Aug 22, 2016, 09:43 am Last Edit: Aug 24, 2016, 06:23 am by leilamansouri

I am going to send/receive data to/from an RS485 device. Not to lose data, I have to be informed when send is completed and then start to receive data and vise versa.

In this way I changed the serial mode to RS485 Mode and used RTS as DE pin.

Hardware connections: (I am confused if I must use Serial1 or Serial2)

[Arduino]    --- [ISL83485 IC]

Pin 23, RTS --- DE and /RE
Pin 17, RX2 --- RO
Pin 16, TX2 --- DI

I used the information of this website (http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=176421.0).

In the software, I initialized Serial2 to establish this connection.

The code:
Code: [Select]
#include "RS485_non_blocking.h"
#define DebugSerial Serial
#define MeterSerial  Serial2

const byte msg [] = "Hello world";
char str[] = "Hello world";
unsigned int test;

size_t fWrite (const byte what) // The write function of the RS485 class
 return MeterSerial.write (what); 
int fAvailable ()
 return MeterSerial.available (); 

int fRead ()
 return MeterSerial.read (); 

//RS485 myChannel (fRead, fAvailable, fWrite, 20);
RS485 myChannel (NULL, NULL, fWrite, 0);

void setup() {
 MeterSerial.begin(300, SERIAL_7E1);
 myChannel.begin ();
 pinMode(RTS, OUTPUT); //RTS for USART1=Serial2 set as output.
 USART1->US_WPMR = 0x55534100; //Unlock the USART Mode register, just in case. (mine wasn't locked).
 USART1->US_MR |= (1u << 0); //Set USART1 mode to RS485.

// USART1->US_MR |= (1u << 7);   //7_BIT

void loop() {

 myChannel.sendMsg(msg, sizeof(msg));

 DebugSerial.println("send data to the meter");

//  if (myChannel.update ())
//  {
//    MeterSerial.write (myChannel.getData (), myChannel.getLength ());
//    MeterSerial.println ();
//  }

But it sends some unexpected characters on the serial2 port. It seems that the serial port is not initialized correctly.

What is wrong with my code or hardware?!


Please use code tags instead of quote tags. The forum software will still make smileys out of your code when it's inside a quote. 8) You can edit your post with the quick-edit button at the bottom.

Why did you choose pin 23? How does the RS485 transmitter know that is what you chose? The Due does have a hardware RTS pin associated with each serial port. When I look at the datasheet, it seems to be saying that for Serial2, this is pin PB22 which doesn't seem to have an Arduino pin connected to it on the Arduino pin mapping.
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