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Hello, i have made a one color 8x8 LED matrix and am running it with a MAX7219 and Arduino UNO.  I want to add a microphone to make a real time spectrum analyzer with it.  I have found many on the web that use a PC with processing but I want a all-in-one.  The closest one i found was an Adafruit page http://learn.adafruit.com/piccolo.  It gives code that uses a different LED driver and a 2 color matrix.  I would like code for a single color LED 8x8 matrix and uses the MAX7219. Can someone help or give me tips?  Is this easy?  Did someone already write a sketch for this setup that can share it? 
The adafruit version code can be downloaded at https://github.com/adafruit/piccolo/archive/master.zip
Thank you for help and or tips.


It should not be hard to look at how the adafruit sketch manipulates the lights and change it to use your display instead.  Give it a try!
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i'll try.  I need a microphone first. 

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