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I'm trying to wire up my own joystick controlled, analog, pan/tilt. Keeping the circuit analog only, how would you wire up a 12v battery, a 5k or 10k pot, and a 12v dc motor so that when the pot was in the center of it's travel the motor is still, and as you move the pot either direction from that center position, the motor moves a different direction. In the big picture there will be a 2-axis joystick controlling two DC motors. This is an Open-loop system. Because of that fact, servos aren't necessary even though they could be used. There should be a way to construct a simple, analog circuit that consists of not much more than a battery, pot, and dc motor but still allows for proportional forward and reverse movement of that motor.


Basically you can't with a simple motor you need a servo. With a motor you have no real control of position.

For pan and tilt you need two servos.



All of the current products I sell use servos. Trust me. I know aaaaalll about servos and their benefits but for this specific application I purposely want to use power window motors. I don't need it to hold a specific position. I just want an open-loop, analog pan/tilt wiring diagram.


Is there arduino in the picture? What kind of driver do you have?
Some examples Design-8, 9, 10, 12, 15 :


Seems like a rotary encoder 'pot' would make more sense.  Read the direction and rate of turning and adjust the motor voltage in a manner that correlates to the encoder signal.

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