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Jack Christensen

Yep, I attended one of his seminars and it really made the light come on. Quite a challenge to get an entire organization to see it though. He would attend a regular meeting at GM once or twice a year, I would try to get to those when he was there. That might have been where the carburetor quote came from. Pretty tall guy, he could be quite imposing, and he just roared it. He then went on to explain that the reason for the disappearance of the makers of carburetors was because they were in the wrong business; namely, the business of making carburetors, when they should have been in the business of "delivering a stoichiometric fuel/air mixture to the cylinders".


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carbs are just slow fuel leeks. electric motors are much more complex, though still not that hard to build.
take apart an old hobby motor and see for yourself. or hit up youtube.


If  want to make your own brushless motor, you can buy a kit:


Also rcgroups has a subforum on the subject:



That might have been where the carburetor quote came from.

Well if it did it was a coincidence, I just wanted to find an analogy for something that looked simple and basically is, once you have set up all the infra structure around the project.
I too have made my own electric motor, but there is no way it would deliver enough power to fly. The electrics of it as simple but the mechanics require precision much more accurately than ... so I came up with carburetor.


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Hobbyking sells kit of brushless motor, but it's more expensive than cheapest complete motors in "HK".
EDIT: Kit is out of stock too.
Brushless kit:


Example of small motor in "HK":

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