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I am new to Arduino. I am invloved in projects utilizing the Arduino controller boards for motion control. I have noticed that the motor control shields currently offered are somewhat basic with limitied in performance. I am considering designing more robust motor controller shields with advanced performance and user interface features along with the associated code to sell. I would also offer shields specific to optical sensing and other sensor applications. Can anyone give me an idea how large or small the market potential would be for these type of shield?

T Boyd
T Boyd


Sparkfun, adafruit, rugged circuits. These are the ones with motor shields I know of. I don't know if they are open to discuss their sales though. If you are worried with spending too much time not getting enough money back, you don't belong to DIY electronics. This market is a niche anyway and motor shield hardware is a small portion of it.


I think someone who needs all the functionlity would simply buy a motor contorller with the features they need in it and wire it to the arduino, rather than use a shield.  The only shiled I haveever used is RAMPS honestly, I use seperate boards otherwise, since they just lack the flexibility or adapatbility.  and there are a million motor controllers out there. Now say you made a feature rich application specific shield, you may do better.  Say 2 or 4 motor controllers w/ accel/decel control, regen, and some accellerometers and gyroscopes, but I can't tell you how big the market would be.

But I bet your documentation would be top notch!

my .02


If you can produce something better than what is out there, do it.  There are some of us that would rather pay higher prices for better products.  Provide good docs and support and you should be able to make some money.


We'd all like something better that costs less money!  Oh, and is easier to use, too.
Better for more money is a more complicated question...

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