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You can use your Arduino Uno R3 as an ordinary ISP programer for your atmega328p chips. You can write them with any kind of code, including a bootloader if you really need it.
see this tutorial: http://pdp11.byethost12.com/AVR/ArduinoAsProgrammer.htm

If you had read his postings you would have seen that this is exactly what he was trying to do.


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If you had read his postings you would have seen that this is exactly what he was trying to do.

He follows a different (complicated) path from the instructions in the help page I posted, which is a tutorial that not only tells you how to burn a hex code in a target AVR but also explains the most likely error messages you can get and mistakes you can make and what to do to fix the problems that might appear.
Most tutorials, on the net, suppose that the one that reads them would do everything right from the beginning to the end, step by step, like an expert. This is not the case for the majority of people.  


What version of the Arduino IDE (Adruino Program) are you running? Version 022, 023 work fine, Version 1.0 has a problem and version 1.01 should work. My best experience was with  022.

The resistor needs to be connected on the Arduino Board, not on the chip to be programmed. 120 - 150 Ohms to +5V and reset.

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I use EDI 1.0 on a linux system. The resistor have to be on the bord reset pin ?



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