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I'm very interested in what you're doing, and in particular 2 pins, 1 for lcd and the other for the keypad?! That's awesome!

Yes, the lcd backpack has an ATMEGA328 on it that controls the LCD and senses the keypad so your arduino is free to do other stuff and only needs 2 pins to talk to the ATMEGA328 on the backpack using serial.read() and serial.write() or print(). The backpack's ATMEGA328 has about 3,000 lines of code so it is quite intelligent and can do lots of things such as rendering menus and multi-tap inputs and more.


Have you used any analog pins? Those can be used as digitql pins aw well, in case you didn't already know. Analog 0 is digital 14, etc.

If you are using analog pins, it is best to use the A0..A<n> names that are provided by the IDE since different boards start the analog pins at different pin numbers (i.e. UNO is 14, Leonardo is 18, etc.).

Also, some of the analog pins cannot be used as output pins, but they can be used as digital inputs IIRC.



Good news! Not only did analog14 work for row 2 pin of the keypad but analog 15 worked for row3 pin as well.  I'm not all that hot with programming but having had a not-so-good experience in my microprocessors class, have suddenly had a renewed passion for it through the use of the arduino mcu. As you may have noticed, the overall sketch that i've sent is actually a combination of the keypad sketch and the lcd sketch and with 'logical' additions of other 'C' syntax which i figure will give me what I want.
Having made the changes above in the overall sketch, it still hangs up on the upload.
I'm thinking maybe the encoding is too long. Is there a more efficient way I can obtain the parameters in the sketch to be displayed, and am wondering where i'm going wrong.


Although things look a bit unkempt, this is just for testing purposes. Once I get everything to work as desired then will wire everything neatly and compact into the encasing for the handheld which will hold the mcu, display and keyboard.
Here is also the vfd which I really wanted to work, but figure that the controller chip is faulty, although physical testing shows the following.


I still see pins 0 and 1 with wires on them. Can you remove those wires?

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