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i have a project of arduino to interface with PC n sensors.
actually its a security survelliance project.
An IR sensor and Metal Sensor is mounted on a Walk Through gate.
If any human enters through the gate the IR sensor will activate and send a signal to Arduino. now arduino will send a signal to PC to switch ON camera then capture a picture.
If the man possess any gun, then IR and metal detector both will send signal to arduino
now arduino will send signal to PC so that the camera will start recording a video of that person
Image processing will also be used in this project to scan that person and rotate the camera according the movement of that person.
plzzzz you all are requested to help me in this project,
i want to know the code of Arduino, as well as complete method that how to complete this project.
furthermore, tell me the software of computer to use and which camera should i use to work on this project.
i have already made an IR sensor and im designing metal detector. i have only 3 weeks left so plzzz help me as soon as possible so that i may complete this project with in time.


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its a group project. but all my group partners are totally nil
so i have to do it alone



its a group project. but all my group partners are totally nil so i have to do it alone

You should talk to whoever assigned you the project and explain the lack of help from your partners.
Consider the daffodil. And while you're doing that, I'll be over here, looking through your stuff.   8)

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