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Hey everybody !
I'm pretty proud to announce that the Arduino console I've been working on for a while is now live on Indigogo !
If you want to see what it's capable of, check out the trailer at http://igg.me/at/gamebuino

Thank you for passing by!


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eh? No.

You have a monoscreen.
Not acceptable in 2014.

A Gameboy like this only requires an ATmega 1284 and an color TFT ($6 on ebay) to make a hit.

You built a pokemon mini in a larger box.

You got 1400euro for that?
That really pisses me off.


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If you want a large, beautiful screen with a lot of computing power, you can just buy a cheap Android smartphone/tablet and learn to code java. Here the goal is not to run fancy games, it's to keep everything as cheap and simple as possible, for it to be easily hackable. I don't aim mass market with this project. It's just for tinkerers like me who make projects during weekends. Moreover, some people like what is called "retro", because it reminds them good memories. For example, Gamebuino has the same screen as a Nokia 3310. I spent hours playing on mine, now I'm proud to be able to make better games than the ones included in my phone.
Thank you for your honesty.
Edit: I just visited your website, I understand what you are saying now, I think you could rephrase it this way: "I'm in the early development of a arduino gaming device with a color screen and an atmega1284. Mine is bigger, yours is shit."


For people who love retro-style, simplicity, portability and liberty of create things without not much or advanced programming knowledge, Gamebuino is a really good choice.

In my opinion as designers, I always think that:  less is more. Simplicity is the key that make thing easier for beginners in the process of learning.

I have being looking the last 6 months for easy alternative to integrate art-installation and video games and Gamebuino, in my opinion is the best choice base on my needs.

As rodot said, is just a manner of what are you looking for, what do you like and what do you need.

Gamebuino is almost at the 75% of the Indigogo goal in a week?  :smiley-eek:   It is moving fast eh?


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