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Magic Fan:
In this first project, I am going to make a Magic Fan. The speed of the fan is controlled by the distance between your hand and the ultrasonic sensor.

You need the following electronics to do this project:
A motor (6V-12V) with blades
Me-Ultrasonic Sensor

General Steps:
In here, I am assuming that you already know how to install "Makeblock for Scratch".
I am pointing out these main steps that you have to do before start using Makeblock electronic modules.
For more details, please download the PDF attached HERE.

1. Upload the ScratchApp code to Meduino or Me-Baseboard
[img width500 height=350]http://www.instructables.com/files/orig/FG9/MVWQ/HSXO99ZN/FG9MVWQHSXO99ZN.png[/img]
2. Connect your Meduino or Me-Baseboard to your PC

3. Import Makeblock electronic modules in Scratch


For more informations, visit Instructables step-by-step instructions.

Makeblock for Scratch installations:
PDF installations guide

Moreabout Makeblock:

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