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So after I dorked out and blew up my rugged circuits yellow jacket I've spent the last day and a half trying to find another solution since that particular board is not going to be available anytime soon.

For my project I need to connect to an ad hoc network with a static IP and send formatted strings from my arduino uno r3 through a UDP port.

I've been staring at:

But I can't find anything that says UDP libraries are working for that shield.

I do like the idea of using this guy, but I have no idea how I would interface my arduino uno to it:
      Does this solution require this guy too?

I would love to just use the arduino wifi shield however everywhere I've looked seems that isn't UDP ready and I have about 2 weeks to catch up on almost 6 months of lost work..

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

BTW this is the guy I'm trying to repalce:

Thank you,


You might want this one instead of the one with UF.L connector, which requires an
external dipole antenna.


And yes, it plugs into the standard XBee shield, and makes comms via RS232. There is one
problem people always make, which is trying to connect the XBee module [or RN-XV] Rx,Tx
to the Arduino Rx,Tx pins at the same time as connecting to the USB port of the PC.

Naw-uh, the signals conflict. It's either one or the other, or else connect the XBee Rx,Tx to
pins other than 0,1 on the header. Alternatively, it is possible to connect the XBee to pins
0,1 after disconnecting the bd from the PC, but then you don't have simultaneous debugging.

This is always a problem with the mega328 Arduino bds.

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