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Hello All,

I'm new to Arduino.
I need to come up with a device which can perform a head count for staff at work. The Device will be used as a clocking in - to generate data as to who is in, this data can be used later, as a head count when staff register their clocking in (RFID) card.

To achieve this, I think the device needs these components:-
Arduino - main board
LCD shield
Wireless card/shield (multiple devices)
RFID reader - not sure if this is in shield type

I would prefer shield as oppose to doing a lot of soldering, also, do I need to go for a High end Arduino board due to connectivity limitations or is it ok to just add shield-on-shield mounted on top of Arduino board - somehow I don't think it that's simple.

I would appreciate guidance/recommendations for components that I would need, in addition, components which are compatible.
Thanks in advance


Go with RFID, there is a shield.
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