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For a homemade H Bridge of that calibre, you could do it with 2x SPDT relays. If you need PWM control, you need 1 MOSFET between the relays and power source.


Honestly, people tend to think this stuff is trivial, and can be explained in a sentence or
two, but with h-bridges in the 15A range, you have no idea what you're getting into.

You would do well to heed this advice. Designing an h-bridge that works properly and doesn't self-destruct after you get past about 5 amps or so of current-capability gets difficult quickly. If your goal is to learn how to design and build such an h-bridge, and money isn't an issue, then go for it; you will learn a lot. If, however, your goal is to implement an h-bridge for some other project, you will probably find it cheaper to just purchase such an h-bridge that uses a proven design. Otherwise, in testing/experimenting with building your h-bridge, you may find yourself blowing expensive MOSFETs left and right - ultimately spending more money than if you had bought a properly-sized h-bridge in the first place...
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You would do well to heed this advice.

Wow, someone actually agreed with me this week! LOL.

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