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I'm new to the world of arduino so please be patient with me. I've purchased the Arduino Duemilanove and the CuHead WifiShield v2.0.

Although I have managed to get simple projects up and running on the Arduino and pulling my hair out with trying to get the WifiShield to work.

I tried the SimpleServer example.

I assigned the WifiShield a unique IP address and I reserved this IP on my router for the WifiShield.
I entered the IP address of my router, the SSID and password of my wifi and set the structure to INFRA.

Uploaded the code to the Arduino and although the RED Led on the WifiShield is on and steady, I can't ping it or access it via my browser.

What am I doing wrong?  :~

Any help will be much appreciated.




Have you selected the correct encryption variant? The WIFI_ON LED does only signal that the shield is able to communicate to a Wifi network with the supplied SSID. To understand the traffic it must also be able to decrypt it. So if either the encryption variant or the passphrase is wrong you won't get more than the light from the LED.


I'm 100% certain the passphrase and security_type (variant) is correct.
The strange thing is if remove all types on encryption and then select open for the variant (security_type) the Red LED light does not even come on.   :~ Even when choosing the wrong variant the Red LED light does not come on.


I didn't think it would be so difficult getting one of these things going.
My router is a Netgear. I'm assuming there are no compatibility issues with my wifi_shield.

The line I've been experimenting with is b/g.


Where did you get the library from? Provide a link to the version you're using.


I was never able to get the Sparkfun WiFi card to use a static address. It always resorts to DHCP.

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