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How are you powering it? From the datasheet:
Low power usage
Sleep mode: 250?A
Transmit: 230mA
Receive: 85mA

If your computer's usb port can handle a full 500ma, you should be ok.
If you are using Vin (barrel jack), and the supply voltage is more than about 9 volts, you could have a power problem.


1. I assigned the WifiShield a unique IP address and I reserved this IP on my router for the WifiShield.
I entered the IP address of my router, the SSID and password of my wifi and set the structure to INFRA.

You are not going to be able to use a static address with the wifi shield (as of 12/08/2012). You *might* can get your router to assign an address via the wifi shield's MAC address, but I could never get that to work on a newer Linksys router. I would suggest testing it with DHCP.  You can try to give the board a static address like IPAddress ip(192,168,1,5) till the cows come home, but its going to use DHCP. Why are you entering the IP address of the router in the SSID field? You should enter the SSID name - not a numeric address.

2. Uploaded the code to the Arduino and although the RED Led on the WifiShield is on and steady, I can't ping it or access it via my browser.

The board will respond to a ping when its connected to the network once the LED goes green. If the LED is red, there is no way a ping will work because the board is not yet on the network therefore its not reachable. If you want the board to do something with a request from a browser, there needs to be code on the Arduino to respond to that request, otherwise the wifi shield will just toss those bytes overboard. Look at the wifiServer example code for how to respond to a HTTP request.

Can you get the ConnectWithWPA example code to work, where all you do is replace the example's credentials with your credentials? Use your SSID name, not a numeric address. Make sure the baud rate in the code matches the baud rate of the serial monitor.

What is the error code you get back from:   status = WiFi.begin(ssid, pass);

How far away are you from your wireless access point?


In which position is the INTX jumper?

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