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To begin with, Arduino is totally new to me ...
For a project around the house I want to build something myself but I can not find all the parts / options on the internet.
It involves the following:

With my Galaxy Nexus I want to take pictures in difficult places.
I want a kind of container for the smartphone that can rotate and tilt that i can control with my laptop over WiFi (preferably with the mouse)
The image seen on the screen of the smartphone i want to see on my laptop on the same wireless network.
For the Nexus there is an adapter for a TV-out to HDMI but how do is get to see the image on my laptop on the same WiFi?
I've found arduino uno and a DIY Sandbox as WiFi access point but i can not find information on how to send the video over the WiFi.
I do not want to buy the parts and figure out how that works when I finally cant get to right results.

Hopefully someone can poit me in the right direction?

regards Harm



I think the tilt/rotation stage is easy enough if you get the right hardware (some servos and mounts). Even taking picture would be possible if you have an actuator with soft conductive rubber glued to the end. You can use that to press the camera button on your touch screen. But getting the high-res real time video to your laptop is not a job arduino can do. Too much data too fast for arduino. You may need to write a program on your phone to send pics over the network to your laptop. You can use MEGA ADK with to do motion control and possibly send commands via wireless to the phone and relayed to the MEGA ADK for the motion control.
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter


but how do is get to see the image on my laptop on the same WiFi?

At one company I worked at we had a research team of 6 very clever PhD engineers working on a very similar problem. They shut the team down after two years research as they couldn't crack reliable HD TV signals over a radio link in a domestic setting.


Do you have a mechanism to tell the Nexus to take a picture?

If so, all you're missing is seeing what it is pointing at. You could either write/find an application to run on the Nexus to turn it into an IP webcam, or just attach an ordinary common or garden IP webcam to the same housing and use that as your video source.


I will explain exactly what I want to do:

At this moment I have 4.2 running on my Nexus, now i can make sphere pictures.
I want those photos to be taken on more original places than just at eyeheigt. also that the mobile has to be stable. Turning arround the the horizontal and vertical axis of the camera is also important.
As an example, place it on top of the Eijffeltoren than you want to be able to remotely control it. So I need a turn / tilt system which can control the smartphone that I can operate from my PC AND I need the ability to see where the camera needs to go. I have on my PC to see what else I could see on my smartphone. (the camera app) I would use a simple ip camera but I can not change settings on the smartphone camera.

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