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Hi Guys,

I have a question on custom HS tariff used when buying stuff like Arduino and IC. I checked in the local custom tariff code book, these stuff falls closest in the 8542311900 HS code. Under this category it says "Electronics integrated circuit and micro assemblies". Can we say that an Arduino is a "micro assemblies"? Or there's other more suitable category?

Jeff K

Where is the product being purchased from and where is it being shipped to?

It all depends on how the locality defines the product.  If you look up tariff codes for the USA, you will notice that they reference court cases or other similar arguments that define products.  So yes it could fall under "Electronics integrated circuit and micro assemblies" if you say it does.  But if customs says otherwise, you would have to defend why it does not fall under their other category.
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For example if you buy something from US, then ship it to Europe or Asia. I think at the end of the day, it is still pretty much up to those custom guys to give a go on the tariff you gave. But, I would give it a try to defend my stand like what you have said if end up being charge under a different category.  :)


I would say that the Arduino is not a "micro assemblies" as that is coupled with integrated circuits and is meant to cover things like thin film hybrid assemblies. The arduino is more like a sub assembly.
Anyway why are you trying to import an arduino into Europe, there are lots of European suppliers.


Sorry, I'm buying to be shipped into Asia actually. I guess I have to look at what sub assembly covers.  :)

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