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connect it to a different bigger more powerful power source


May I bark up a different tree for a moment?

A common complaint here on the forum is that "my LEDs are very dim", and the problem is usually resolved by calling pinMode(pin, OUTPUT); - supplying the forgotten initializer.  Inputs make very weak outputs.

I haven't seen any code yet, so I have to ask: can we verify that this is not the problem in this case? 



I believe it's a 'raw' pizo element with a resonate frequency of 3.5 khz. As such it acts more like a capacitor and you shouldn't think of treating it as a DC component, as it will not pass DC current. A step-up audio transformer of the correct impedance ratio would be a good way to drive this device with the digital output pin connect to a series capacitor to the primary of the transformer, thus creating a larger symmetrical AC voltage of the proper amplitude to drive this element to it's rated output, but only if you are sending it a frequency close to it's resonant frequency, too high or low a tone frequency and the sound amplitude will fall off quickly. These are just not good components for direct connection to digital output pins.


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