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Here are two more multitasking options for AVR, ChibiOS/RT and FreeRTOS. 

The files are ChibiOS20120529.zip and FreeRTOS20111031.zip at http://code.google.com/p/beta-lib/downloads/list.  These files support AVR and I will update them soon to the versions I used with ARM.

I have also ported these to the ARM Teensy 3.0 and Arduino Due.  I have posted the Teensy 3.0 version and am finishing test for the Due version.  I will probably merge the Teensy 3 and Due versions into one library.

FreeRTOS is very popular and has many users.  Both systems are excellent and support a wide variety of RTOS features.

I personally like ChibiOS/RT on avr since it is a bit smaller but more people have used FreeRTOS on avr.

Here are the websites:

http://www.chibios.org/dokuwiki/doku.php also see http://www.chibios.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=chibios:documents:introduction

http://www.freertos.org/  also see http://www.freertos.org/tutorial/index.html


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Thank you both chrismoos and fat16lib for your info. I hope the OSs will be maintained and ready when I need them. The Arm Arduino is interesting. Everybody ask if we/I use an Arm cpu.

Edit: Always something to add. One reason I have chosen AVR and not ARM is Arduinos easy libraries. They save time when a new cpu is used.


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