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Im working on a robot that i added a 2 IR sensor that put out a HIGH when there is no floor and a LOW when there is a floor. now i been trying to work out a way to write  this code so that when one of the sensor go HIGH
i want to send out a halt to stop the robot from falling over the edge.


int Floorsen_a = 12;
int Floorsen_b = 13;

void setup()
 pinMode(Floorsen_a, INPUT);
 pinMode(Floorsen_b, INPUT);

void loop ()
// rember that floor is safe when input = low
 int right = digitalRead(Floorsen_a);
 int left  = digitalRead(Floorsen_b);
 int Floor_Safe = right + left;
 Floor_Safe != 1

But that as far as i can get. right now im working this as if it is on its own but in the end out come it will be ruining as a function

any help would be great or idea. thank you.


So if there is no floor (HIGH) on either the left or the right you want to stop.

Code: [Select]

   if (digitalRead(Floorsen_a) || digitalRead(Floorsen_b)) {
       // Stop!

The '||' is a logical OR operator. 
If either read returns a non-zero value (like HIGH which is 1) the OR results in 'true'.
If both reads return zero (like LOW which is 0) the OR results in 'false'.
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