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Message me a 7-10 digit number that is special to you.  I will impress you with my abilities!  More than one if you really want to be amazed.  Don't everybody do it at once.  No really, I can't do 20 of these tomorrow.  Non-math-geeks don't get it.  I'm hoping someone here will understand why this is difficult...

Isn't "e" a cool number?  2.7 1828 1828...
27 Mhz is CB radio
1828 is the year the motor was invented.  Wow!


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Here's the first volunteer!  I hope you don't mind me giving out your phone number.  Type this into Excel.
It's symmetric.  Almost like a PI wearing sunglasses?  Maybe you don't get it.  The result is your phone number!



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A friend's 11 digit phone number I've known online for years:

e=2.7 1828 1828


What are the odds of a 4 digit sequence repeating so near the beginning of an irrational number?
We only have a few right?


You can't win if you don't play the game?
You won't be amazed if you don't try me, with your own number...


The silence is deafening, I guess that carries a message in itself?



I guess you already figured it out then Lefty?  You are so smart!
Others are enjoying the challenge... I guess it's too easy for you eh?

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