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I did a work for physics using arduino one year ago.
Mean while I changed computer ('cause my old one broke) and I lost my arduino files that were on the computer.
However my arduino is still programed and if I open the Serial Monitor it still do what I asked it to do.
But I don't know how to acess the file, I mean, how can I do to "download" the "script" that's on my arduino and put it on my computer so I can change it?
I hope you understand what I'm saying, since english is not my native language.  :smiley-sad-blue:



You can't recover your original source code from the Arduino. It is possible to retrieve the compiled executable file, using avrdude, but you can't then convert that back to a sketch. I think you're going to have to rewrite it.



You might want to look into an off-site backup solution, like Carbonite or Crashplan. Or if you don't have a lot of data, Google Drive will let you store 5gb for free.
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Or post the finished code in the exhibition section of the site  :P

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