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Hi all. I have recently installed an alarm system in my property.

I want to connect an arduino with ethernet sheild - or I was thinking about making a barebones arduino on a protosheild and plugging the ethernet sheild into it - will this work? I can't think of a reason why not?

Anyway, I've got push notifications coming to my mobile via pushingbox.com and notifrier which works nicely so most of the system is in place.

I'm wondering what the best solution will be for getting a signal into a digital pin. It says in the manual, the outputs are active high, so go low on an event. There is a 13v supply on the same header - I was thinking about using optocopuplers MOCD207M's and using the 13v through a resistor to activate them, then switching 5v to a digital pin.

How would you guys do it?


I thought I would have a raft of suggestions by now?

Would you guys use a relay, wire the 13v direct, optocoupler? I'd like to know the safest and most reliable way of doing it, it will be used for many years I expect


If you have an optocoupler, then use it. Otherwise every time some get tripped, you'll hear a click.


Not to worried about relays clicking, but I will try out the optocoupler then.

have you ever seen anyone put a atmega 328p on a uno protosheild and make a barebones arduino? I think that is the way I will go with it :)


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