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Hmm fair enough, but I got there from a link in the playground

Then, you should fix the link in the playground to point to some better example.


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What about this


That cap on the clock signal is wrong, we all know it, we respond to questions about it every second day, and yet apparently there's no way to fix it. I admit I've not tried because everyone said you couldn't edit it, is that correct?

At one point, I suggested that the reference/tutorial section be set up to be user editable like the playground (wiki), but that was apparently not accepted by the Arduino crew.  :(

edit: I am a little surprised the forum moderators and administrators do not have edit ability in that section. Since that known error has not been changed, and many know of it, there is a word I use for that situation: LAZY.

BTW, that is aimed at the person who is responsible for the maintenance of that section of the website.


you should fix the link in the playground to point to some better example.

As could we all I guess.

That's the easy part, writing tutes takes ages when I think all that is needed is to modify a couple of drawings.

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