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Excellent!  Thank you very much!  Order placed with mouser.
Arduino Uno;


Hello ,  jerseyguy1996

How did it go with your project? i am looking up this chip , i am wondering if it needs an evaluation board or i just can connect it directly via UART with arduino ? . did u need any external components for the chip ? will be nice if u upload a pic of the final product u have . Thank you



Did anybody tried this module?
Does it sends NMEA messages only when satelites are fixed?
I have one device, and I added the 10k pull up resistor for UART mode.
I sent a 100 ms start signal to the ON_OFF pin.
The current cunsumption of the system is increasing about 0.02 A.
But no bytes can received from the module on Tx pin

I can not decide that the device is wrong, or it just can not "see" the satellites?


I had worked at a few years with one of this modules, and I don't remember very well if it starts by sending NMEA out. I don't worked with Arduino, but with a microcontroller PIC. What I can do is trying to find the code and pass you my starting sequence.


I also want to use it with a microcontroller.
I would be grateful, if you could send some code.


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