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Okay so I want to try to make an electronic cigarette roller, similar to: http://zigzag.com/images/roller-78mm.jpg except obviously electronic and powered by the arduino UNO board. The problem I'm having is just determining how feasible it actually is. It seems simple enough from a code stand point, but just thinking about it I think I will have to make a whole new rolling system(one on some kind of gears) for the roller then set the gears to turn via the motor? I just don't think using a regular pre-made auto roller will be able to smoothly turn via motor. Open to all questions, suggestions or general feasibility. Thanks.


All you would need is a motor and a switch. All the work would be in the actual physical system. What exactly would the arduino do?


Well, I would like to add more once that main part is complete, such as a way to drop tobacco down into the roller's reservoir, auto insert the paper, etc. I'm just a lot more trained in programming than the hardware side of things. And how difficult it would be to construct the roller from scratch.


That's gonna be your main issue. It's hard enough to interface with stuff, making your own is going to be even more challenging unless you happen to own a laser cutter or 3D printer.


Yeah that's what I figured. Basically I wanted to know if there was any possible way to mod the pre-built rolling machine to hook up to a motor to return consistent rolling, but also has enough torque to do it successfully(using weights or whatever else necessary).


Okay so I want to try to make an electronic cigarette roller, similar to: http://zigzag.com/images/roller-78mm.jpg

I use one of these:-

Once you've got the filter, tobacco and moistened paper in place, you just have to close the lid.

Of course, getting filter in place, the tobacco in place evenly and tamped down and then getting the moistened paper in place will be the most difficult parts.



has anybody created such a cigarette rolling device?

I'll build such a device too but full automated with infrared sensors, arduino nano, servo motors (SG90), anything I need else ;-)

I just want to know if someone of you have got a good version .
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