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I'm using a Mesmic 2125 2 axis accellerometer for experimenting with.  I used the code in the examples menue.  I noticed that when I put the sensor on its side (1g), it bounces between 162, 180, and 198.  Up and down.  Why is this?  Do I have a bad sensor?  I was very careful to make sure the bread board was held firmly and unmolested.  The sensor seems to be bouncing from about .8g to 1g.  Not very accurate...


Not very accurate...

True they are not.
You can get a more stable reading by averaging many readings.

was held firmly and unmolested.

I assume English is not your first language the word molested generally implies an unwelcome sexual advance.

This must be an assignment, second such question today.


Uh, no, English has been my first language for 44 years.  I am a professional writer, in fact.  A very successful one.  The word "molested" is only sexual in nature if that is your mindset.  But I understand your concern.  Perhaps I should have used "I was very careful to ensure that the board was stationary."  I will note that for future comment writing on this forum.

Thank you for the information about the Memsic.


The word "molested" is only sexual in nature if that is your mindset.

Interesting what country are you from? The word molest with refrence to a sensor brings a smirk to anyone in the UK. Just tried it on my wife and she laughed and was surprised you were an English speaker.


G_M was no doubt off put subconsciously by the word "menue". Certainly not american usage,
but maybe English. Then "unmolested" really triggered the ancient part of his brain. So my
guess is dave is not american. Englander living in Paris?

And to ditto G_M, you probably want to average a few Memsic readings. Probably, do similarly
for most other sensors too. Also, "held firmly" probably doesn't really mean unmolested to a

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