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I would like to create an automated dispenser (think automated cat feeder). I would like to take a stepper motor (most likely with 5mm shaft) and connect it to this dispenser. I have two questions:

1) Should I use a DC Motor or a Stepper Motor (it seems that servos are not good for this particular application)?

2) How do I connect the motor to the dispenser. Any suggestions?

Any input is welcome.



I think a stepper motor is a poor choice if you intend to have it permanently powered up - very wasteful of power - all you need is a suitable
gear-motor with a reduction ratio great enough to give you control via duration of powering the motor - rest of the time everything can go to sleep.
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if the dispenser is the type that need to be turn 360* b4 it can dispense than a Hobby servo may or may not be the rite one for you but mybe this one could be your choice
http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/522 it does simplify alot of the setup you may need and the prgraming part might just be easy enough


This dispenser looks like it will work if you turn the handle back and forth and not necessarily in a continuous rotation. Assuming that's true then an RC servo would be perfect for it; the servo could be mounted on the side of the dispenser with a couple pull rods on the top/bottom of the handle.


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