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I finally bought a big pack on ebay too, it was much cheaper than buying separately on some electronic site... I paid less than 6€ (7.5$) for 1000 resistors (50 values, 20 of each) shipping included, I know I don't even need 5% of those now... but maybe in some years 8)

ebay 230688889689


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One problem with resistor packs is whether you can read the values back.  I bought a pack of resistors from a vendor, and somebody wrote the value on the tape in hand writing that is unreadable (and with a pen that wasn't quite permanent ink).  I'm slightly color blind, and honestly, I cannot tell the difference between orange and brown on some resistors.  As I use them, I've been using my label maker to relabel the resistor packs (and using sandwich bags when the resistors become loose).  I was recently ordering some stuff from Adafruit, and I might buy their resistor book the next time I need to restock, as it seems to be better labeled: http://www.adafruit.com/products/441.

As far as I know, nobody had written the Android program that uses the camera on the phone/table to identify the resistor (and capacitor presumably) value.  I seem to recall there is an iphone utility that does this, but so far on the Android side, I've only seen programs that give you a chart with the color wheels.

Though if you really want to be safe, you would use your multimeter to measure each one, though I suspect most people trust the color bands on the resistors.


I'm a little color blind so that doesn't help :D

Hopefully in the kit I bought they are all sorted in individual bags (I hope..): http://www.sure-electronics.net/Modders/DC-RS013-2-b.jpg


I've never seen a resistor assortment in individual bags, Usually they come in a single bag. The resistors are "Cut Tape" with the value marked in the tape. The same goes for SMT components, Cut Tape W/hand markings, many are not very legible either. There are assortments that are better marked but they are also better priced (Typically about 4X the components actual retail value) per "Book" of parts. In part I suppose because of the novelty and mainly to reflect the cost of populating a "Parts Book" like the ones commonly sold. While I don't suffer from any color vision inadequacies, there are many times where the value is all but unreadable due to the color of the paint used to coat the body of the resistor. The two colors (band and body will make browns, oranges and reds... Difficult to decipher. An Ohm meter is a good idea when dealing with resistors Especially the 1% or 4 band resistors. SMT capacitors are a special challenge, I wound up with a small (1 X 1 cm) gold plated fixture for my capacitance meter... Later for my production people I built a 555 driving a speaker and a rotary switch for the appropriate ranging resistor so they could sort droppd loose components... which seemed to happen frequently.

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