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tomorrow my Due should arrive (If i can trust the shipment tracking) :-)

I want to control about 20 Servos with the Due. I read the topics about servo control here in the Due forum, and there should be a working library, if i understand that correct. But what i didn't found was a concret answer about the "3,3V problem".

For 20 Servos it is clear, that i have to use an external power supply, especially because i want to use very strong servos. The red plus und black minus wire of the servos will go to a lipo accu. I want to use lipo servos running at about 7,4V.

But can i directly connect the yellow wire to the Due or will it damage it? If it does, what can i do against that?

B.R. Heinz


You may want to look into some serious servo drivers if you want to run 12. there are many out there and some will be 3.3Volts but 5 volts is probably more common.
if you use a Logic Level Converter like the one made by Sparkfun (several companies produce them), you'll be OK (I'm about to try it tonight since I just received mine).
I use one like the one in this link but I paid a lot more :http://shop.kineteka.com/content/images/thumbs/0000678_logic_level_converter__125.jpeg.
Without any doubt though, you'll be safer using a 3.3V driver.
If you get one that operates at 5V and 3.3V, make sure you have it configured properly, they usually have a couple of pads that either need to be soldered or cut separate.

Good luck


Thanks for the infos! Maybe you can tell something about your experiences when you tested yours :-)

My due hasn't arrive today. I've to wait till monday  =(

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