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I was scrounging around at my local radioshack looking for some capacitors.
They had on the shelf a paralax shield to play audio with a sd slot on it. It looks to be pin compatible to uno. best of all it only uses a couple of digital pins, The jist of it is you put the sound on the sd and call the sound with i2c or serial, the device plays the sound called while the duino goes on to do other things. My partner in tinkering is working on geocash gadgets that use a similar device. Bought off of ebay.

The arduino due is capable of the whole process with no added devices just confined by the limit of flash ram for program and data, however due is not a good platform for a beginner as the software and libraries are not in place. Support is also limited and not much in the way of books.

The uno has been the defacto standard for some time documentation is fabulous there really is not much that uno can not do or more like has not done.  But to play sounds other than basic beeps and buzzes requires a shield. I also have seen at a make fair someone had a uno making a digital pin high supplying power to a hallmark card sound device that had been re purposed. by simply supplying power to the tiny chip with one digital pin wrote high and a ground.

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Thanks. I have the Seeed's music shield, and it looks feature packed but yea it takes up most of the Uno.

I've been able to get the alternating lights to work, I'm having trouble "software installing" Seeed's music shield.

It says,
"Download the portpins.h file and replace the default portpins.h file of Arduino-0018
The default portpins.h file path is:

Except that I am running a mac and I don't see the folder "hardware tools" inside the arduino folder. Libraries, and my project folder I saved there yes, but only those.

Do you happen to know what this means or how I could get around this? The website with this information is here:



Mack user info. Take the mack place in commode and pull chain, well no just instal wm ware install linux of choice preferably debian, ubuntu, or fedoracore, enjoy free software for life, put the pc-mac argument far far behind you. Nothing to buy ever not from Steve (bless him) or Wild Bill.

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I switched to a windows 8 partition hopefully things will run smoother but the arduino uno driver is already blocked by the system on 8 so I have to follow a bunch of steps around that the hopefully this will run, and yes linux one day...heard its practically a perfect science now.


I've been trying to get the Music Shield module to work. After finding some bugs on the internet, WProgram instead of Arduino.h, the wrong libraries and versions, and many people having problems, I'm going to try to find another audio module to do this. Someplace that will be open tomorrow I still have the morning.

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