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Topic: How do I sync the internal clock with NTP over WiFi? (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


I've got a WiFi shield, and I connect to the internet succesfully, but I need to sync the internal clock with a NTP server.

I can find ton's of Ethernet Sheild examples. But Since I only have a Wifi sheild...

It kinda get stuck on the UDP thing, any help/example would be great!



I wouldn't be surprised if there was already a library giving NTP protocol support, but if you can't find one then you would need to write your own. The NTP protocol isn't particularly complex, and you would just need to find a suitable NTP server to sync to. NIST is usually a good bet if you can't find somebody closer, but you may find you already have a time server in your local domain.


I've found an example which needs EthernetUdp, can you also use this with WiFi?


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