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  Hi, need help.
  I just started using arduino. i would like to connect arduino mega that i have, plus a 16 relay board, to my small diesel engine. i need to start engine, when i use a toggle switch.
  The details about the engine: engine solenoind(output)-when i send power, the fuel pump is open.
                                                  glow plug relay(output)-when i send power, the glow plugs on, need them on for 10sec.
                                                  starter relay(output)- when i send power, the engine turns to start.
                                                  pickup sensor(input)-when i receive signal, means the engine is on.
just this ones for now. please need help making the program for my arduino. thank you.


You are talking about one of the most basic programs in the world :-)

But, in order to get exactly what you want, we need more information, in particular:
in what order do these events need to happen? Does the fuel pump need to be open whan the glow plug is on (i suppose it should, but hey, I'm no diesel engine expert).
Does this starter relay needs to be powered on after these 10 seconds? Or during? And how long should it stay on?
How long does it take before the pickup sensor receives signal? Within 1 second? Within 10?
And what should happen if no pickup signal is received? Should all relays go off? Or only the fuel pump?


Looks simple enough. A state machine is a common way of handling this, although it seems like overkill for your current requirements. Here's an example in a similar thread: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,106335.0.html

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