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Is it possible to make a gps navigation by arduino, where ever you are show you your home way?


you probably need a computer to display it and process the course. The Arduino will have a hard time displaying GPS maps.


or is there any alternative way to do something like that?


You could use a ring of leds, and add a GPS shield (and probably a Compass). With some programming you can store coordinates in the arduino and it would light up the direction to the coordinate (REPRESENTED BY A LED)


you probably need a computer to display it and process the course. The Arduino will have a hard time displaying GPS maps.

Or something like this?

Early days, and granted the maps need to be chosen to cover a fairly limited area. But my current project covers a 50 mile square or 250 square miles in 2.7GB of images on SD.

Development assistance appreciated if anyone else is interested.




Why not use audible feedback which tells you to turn left or right?  Pitch or rate of beeping.
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Since my last post here, my project has progressed quite nicely :)

Implemented functions :-
Fully autonomous map drawing and current location plotting.
Once per second logging of time, location, number of satellites and hdop.
Method of importing gpx route files (Maximum of 50). gpx files can be created here http://ridewithgps.com/
User selection of route file which is then overlaid onto the map if you and the route are roughly in the same location. 

Partially implemented functions :-
Gazateer place name index lookup based on OS 50k Gazateer (260,000 entries). (Currently uses serial monitor to enter place name and display results)

Future ideas :-
Create utft_drawbitmap function capable of scaling. Currently the screen display shows 0.5x0.5 Km map, which if you have no idea where you are, does not give large enough area to recognise nearest town etc, so scale factor 2= 1Km sqaure, 4= 2Km square, I think any more than that the picture would probably look horrible.....

I am particularly proud of my efforts so far, when you consider the predominant reply to the question of maps and arduino seems to be, it cant be done!!  8) :D

If anyone is interested in discussing this further and maybe help, or have other suggestions of functions to add, I would love to hear from you!!



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