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Hi all  :),

I recently discovered Arduino and had an exciting idea. I was wondering if I could use an Arduino unit with the NFC shield to control the light in my room. I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone which has a NFC chip in and thought this might be pretty cool. I'm somewhat tech savvy but new to all this and was wondering if you guys could give me your opinion on my idea and maybe shed some light on my initial queries.

Most importantly: Is this do-able? The unit would replace the conventional switch on the wall (with possibility manual override if it fails). If so is the Uno the best choice?

Fundamentally, does the Arduino require an attached computer? It seems you can save your code onto the device but I was thinking about having it connected to a Raspberry Pi to allow for tweaking if possible.


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You want to press your phone against an Arduino to turn on the lights?  If your hand is that close to the Arduino, wouldn't a big pushbutton be more convenient?


Thanks for the reply! You are not wrong, however this is just the basic idea.

My plan would be to expand on this, to have the arduino become a controller for all the electronics in the room. I got the idea from a hotel where they have a similar system in place.

One issue I thought of is that the power for the light is 240V and the arduino uses 3-5V. I'm guessing I would need some sort of electronic switch and a transformer in between? If that's correct wouldn't it create a lot of heat?




Oh and the main reason for using NFC is because my phone has the NFC 'beam' mode.

The finished product might work a little something like this:
Walking home, open app on phone, check off things I want on when I get in (pc,stereo, etc), adjust settings like how bright the lights are, room temperature, walk through the door, touch phone, bang all done, look like a boss in front of guests, relax with beer  8)

Well that's the dream..


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