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I am a complete newbie when it comes to electronics and the arduino. recently i went out and purchased a arduino uno, parallax serial LCD and a solderless breadboard. How do i go about connecting the LCD to the arduino? Are there any solderless options? thanks for your time and help!


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If you have what I see when  google parallax serial lcd, I submit that, not only have you made the worst possible choice, you have paid about four times as much as you should have done for the pleasure.

Not only that, you are now faced with more soldering that you would like to know.

I suggest you put it in the bottom drawer, you may be able to use it later, and get an LCD shield off eBay. This will cost less than half what you paid for the device you have, and simply plugs into the Uno - no soldering required. By adopting this approach you are actually taking advantage of one of the great assets of the Arduino system, instead of working against it.

And guess what? You can then put the breadboard in the bottom drawer too.

The breadboard will surely be of use in the future, but it would be a better idea to send the LCD back for a refund if you can. I believe that sort of LCD is probably more trouble than it is worth.


Parallax serial lcd is not very good in any particular aspect, speed, function, etc. If you want the best serial lcd without breaking the bank, you should find the serial lcd made by liudr  ;)

Now that you made a poor decision to get a parallax lcd, can you post its data sheet link?

Nick Gammon

Adafruit have a tutorial about connecting up LCDs, breadboards, and Arduinos:


This is probably not your exact LCD, so don't follow it pin-for-pin (without checking) but it shows the general idea.


"If you have what I see when  google parallax serial lcd ..."

"This is probably not your exact LCD ..."

All you are getting are guesses and good intentions.  You will get better results if you follow the suggestion to post a link to your specific LCD.


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