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Hi .. I found some Time ago a project that make a webserver from a mega and ethernet shield to control and logging sensor over a webpage ... i think it's not just a sketch but a complete bootloader. I ccannot remember the name of this project. Someone know this project? This bootloader is ONLY for the Mega 2560 and support various sensor like dht22 photoresistor etc .... tanks



You can connect your Arduino Mega with ethernet shield to KSduino
web server to monitor and control your device:  http://ksduino.org

We are opened from last Saturday and are looking for users! :-)

So welcome to KSduino: http://blog.ksduino.org/post/37480815224/welcome-to-ksduino


This looks very interesting...I wish you well with your venture and will keep it in mind if I have any application for this .


We are waiting for you.
Good luck!


Tanks for the info, but i need something like KSduino but offline(nĂ´ internet connections) tanks


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I don't know anything about bootloaders, and maybe that is where your probhlem lies, but what you are talking about is not likely to be exclusive to a Mega2560+shield. This link may be of use:

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