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I search somebody to help me with my project .
The first step is done but i would like it evolve .
I have used an arduino Uno with a Ethernet shield,an Arduino Nano and a HexBug,an host with couchDB.
The host in this case is a virtual machine on Amazon Web Service


On the HexBug i have installed arduino nano,with the RF trasmitter 315mhz.
On the arduino Uno i have installed RF receiver 315mhz and the ethernet shield.

The hexbug goes around the arduino area and it records the values of the sensors(for now the temperature,and the light) , it sends the values at the RF trasmitter 315 and on the other side arduino uno receives the values on the RF Receiver 315.
Arduino Uno adds some information(if is the case) and sends the values of sensors on  the ethernet shield with an Html+json
The message arrives on the EC2,and is saved on the couchDB.

After that we can have a table of values of the sensors around the arduino.
I would like to add a gps sensor for render useful the information recorded

i write here (sorry for my english) for find suggestions ,helpers or interested

thanks in advance


   Get a GPS module with serial output.
   Connect the serial output to a Nano input.
   Use SoftwareSerial to receive messages from the GPS.
   Parse the messages and incorporate the information into the messages going to the UNO.

You might want to also have a GPS on the UNO and record only the differences between the Nano and UNO positions.  This "Differential GPS" data should be more accurate.
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