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Here's my 2nd post :) no I'm not completely lazy, just mostly.

My second project I'd like to make would be a wearable display I could connect to my ski jacket to see who's calling or maybe even read a text without having to dig for my phone.

Any ideas for this?  I have other projects in mind but I have a lot more to learn so I'm just playing around right now.

Thanks for any good ideas ;)


Crazy thought, but how about clipping the phone to your ski jacket? That's basically the functionality you're trying to provide, isn't it? If you're concerned about smashing up your smartphone, move the sim into a cheap handset that you don't care about when you're on the piste.


It's not a big deal but I *think* I may have seen watches that can also act as caller ID.  Why not clip the phone to my jacket while skiing?  Water & loss are the two biggest reasons, plus I use a Galaxy Note that's pretty big.  It's just an idea I had today while skiing, & something I wish I had ~2 years ago, the last time I really did much resort skiing.

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