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I have ported the Arduino Due to ChibiOS/RT. That's said - currently I have only implemented the PAL drivers, which means GPIO drivers.

Here is the git repro: https://github.com/sam0737/chibios-rt-arduino-due

So far, It boots, running threads and such. It should be a good starting point if someone gets the hand dirty with better RTOS than what Arduino has offered.

I develop it on Windows, and build with the toolchain that Arduino uses. I suppose it works on Linux with almost no modification.


fat16lib did a porting of some RTOS to the Arduino Due and other platforms as well:



If I understand correctly, fat16lib's approach is run Chibios/RT scheduler with the Arduino Due existing Library. That said, to control the hardware register, you have to use the Arduino library (writing pins, USB, timer, etc), not the Chibios/RT.

While what I am doing is implementing the low level driver for Due on Chibios/RT. No dependency on the Arduino stack - which means instead of digitalWrite, one have to code in Chibios/RT style.

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