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GREAT, going to purchase and get building.

Thanks for all the help.



So I've done some thinking >>>>

I would like the date from weather station to control and influence some small motors that will play acoustic instruments such as gongs / cymbals / other things I can find that make great noises.

Any body got any pointers / advice about approaching this?



You'll want to start by reading up on hobby servos, stepper motors, and DC gearmotors and how they're controlled.  A little on robotics, too, perhaps.

Adafruit has a popular entry-level Motor Shield that comes with software and tutorials, check adafruit.com.  Sparkfun has more motor control modules than you can shake a stick at, also with software: sparkfun.com.  Pololu is a popular place for people building robots, which of course are all about motors; see http://www.pololu.com



Brilliant, thanks for the info. I am actually looking to buy a weather station that will be compatible with Arduino. They have sold out at Spark Fun.

Do you think just a regular weather station bought from Maplin / Amazon would work?



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