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well i broke a servo because it couldnt take the weight, i ordered 2 28BYJ-48 5V Stepper Motorx and ULN2003 driver boards. From what ive read these are actually quite nice for the price and pretty straight forward to hook up and will accomplish what im am looking to do and possibly be a little more stable than the servo setup. I have to learn how to code now, have you ever hooked used a stepper motor and driver controller?


I have to learn how to code now, have you ever hooked used a stepper motor and driver controller?

Yes. They are as easy to use as servos. The driver board should have DIR and STEP pins that connect to two pins on the Arduino, as well as Gnd and 5V. The DIR pin controls direction. Setting the step pin HIGH, pausing, and then setting it LOW causes the motor to step once.

The Stepper library makes it even easier.

Of course, by now you should know that links are worth far more than words when describing what you bought.


I have a couple of those. I haven't done anything with them yet, but, if you've destroyed a servo already, because you are overloading it, I don't think those itty, bitty steppers are going to hold up.


I am sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question.  I am a newbie.  I have 2 servos and want to control them ultimately through a web interface to pan tilt a web camera.  I am trying to follow the instruction of this website http://blog.aus10.org/?p=102 but to no avail.  She talks about uploading code and then being able to control the servos via the serial monitor.  I don't know what commands to use.  Could you please at least point me in the right direction.  I am very confused.  I tried contacting the author of the webpage but she won't get back to me.  Also how do you create a new post.  I was told there is a "new topic" button but I'm unable to find it.
Thanks so much for any help you can provide me!!


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