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Recently (maybe it happened before and I just did not notice it...) my arduino application closes down by itself.  It seems like it happens when I'm doing something else (playing a game, watching a video).  I don't notice it until I come back and the application is no longer open and all my unsaved changes have disappeared when I start the program again.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Is this an issue? feature?  I'm pretty frustrated at the moment, although I suppose it could be something on my system, like some malware or something that is causing it.  Nothing else seems to behave fishy though...

I'm using Arduino 1.0.2.


Are you saying you forget to save your sketches?


I'm asking if Arduino is supposed to close down after x amount of time.  I think it's pretty clear from my post that I sometimes forget to save my sketches.  Are you just being cheeky?


I was just trying to keep the thread going. I've not seen the problem, but haven't
used 1.0.2 very much.

Actually, I use Microchip MPLAB a lot, and every time you compile the source, it does
an automatic save of all changed source files. I love it.


No, the Arduino IDE doesn't have some kind of timer to shut itself down.

It's either crashing or you are closing it without realizng it.
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