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Hi Forum, I need your help please!

Here is my task: I want to create a motor controlled "simple" cable winch for vertical positioning a hanging platform.

Here are my requirements:

- Arduino/Motor Shild controlled motor/servo/stepper (<24V)
- The weight of the (hanging) platform to be positioned will be about 1-2kg (or 2.2-4.4lbs)
- The vertical positioning range should be around 0cm-130cm (or 0-50inches)
- Speed doesn't realy matter
- The cable winch system MUST be (dynamically) self-locking or self-retarding (if not solution will be found -> external breaks will be required)
  -> In my poor english this means: If the motor is not powered the platfrom hanging at the cable winch should hold the vertical position (immidiate stop, no loose of height, "(small)shock(s) resistant")

I already searched the internet and found some stuff like:

- sail winch servos (not sure if these ones can be used or missused for my purpose)
- worm gearboxes (mostly out of plastic, some called self locking (well with load or without load?) not shure how mutch Nm this box can handle "beeing locked")

Can you please share your ideas or pass me some links with similar projects you know?
Anyone used a "external break system" to "hold a platform hanging at cable winch locked at a fixed position"?



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You may want to look at using a wind shield wiper motor as they appear to use worm gear drives.

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